Animation Production

Animations Offer Flexibility and Style


The current trend for abstract animations is ideal for abstract subjects.

Animations have long been regarded as expensive and unobtainable for everyone except those with large budgets.

Boy, has that changed! With the advent of reasonably priced, cloud-based computing power and accessible development tools, anyone can use this exciting medium to present their marketing, training or communications project.

Animations are now literally everywhere. They help explain software, describe benefits, teach users how to use their phone and address a broad range of other communication needs.

What makes animations unique is their ability to create scenes and worlds beyond the budget of a typical video. The capacity to show an entire city, a view of the globe, or the inside of a rocket ship opens up an enormous range of possibilities for marketers and trainers.

Real Cool Productions produces animations in a wide variety of styles. We have the ability to create everything from a simple animation to a very sophisticated 3-D medical training video. No matter what the style our workflow and project management systems ensure that your animation acheives your communication goals and delivered on budget and on time.

Explainer videos

RCP_Blog_1_Awards.jpgClassic animations can be used for almost anything.
Partly because organizations no longer ship manuals, companies need to provide an online support system for users. Explainer videos deliver approachable, understandable explanations of how to use products and services. By their very nature, these animations need to be economical and quickly produced, especially when describing products with short lifecycles.  

Training Materials

Studies show if you can engage and entertain an audience, and educate them at the same time, they'll retain much more information. No one wants to watch boring or visually dull training materials. Animations make training interesting for all personality types and ages.

The Anti-Talking-Head Movement

A different approach


This video uses the same script as the one above, but is very different. An animation can be as unique as your product or company.

Now that video and animations have become so ubiquitous, there has been a strong push to avoid using simple "talking head" style videos. They are not as compelling as an animation or mixed-media piece and much harder to watch for an extended period. The average attention span is approximately 2 1/2 minutes. Animations offer the opportunity to replace the standard talking heads with a visually engaging, compelling video full of information that is easily retained. 

 Animation Portfolio
Award Winning Portfolio

The Fruit Fly Generation

"A picture is worth 1,000 words," and animations are fundamentally moving pictures. Viewers have short attention spans and a never-ending parade of other things competing for their attention, so you want to communicate your message quickly and creatively. Because animations move quickly, switch emphasis, and visually engage the audience, they can present even the most complex subjects effectively.


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