About Us

Real Cool Production's goal is to connect organizations with their constituencies by creating the best possible video content that time and budget allows.
Every video and animation we produce will achieve its objective by engaging, entertaining and educating its intended audience.

James Ringrose
Chief Story Teller & Co-Founder
Pia Proal
Chief Deal Maker & Co-Founder
Kevin Burke
Director of Business Development
Christy O'Keefe
Director of Project Management
Tom Ribeiro
Production Manager
Blane Granstaff
Head of Animation Dept Services
Jen Antkowiak
Account Manager
Andrew Mueller
Senior Animator & Designer
Tyler Loiselle
Senior Editor
Dane Bliss
3D Animator & Designer
Allison Leear
Animator & Designer
Writers & Copy Editors
Intelligent and skilled writers and copy editors
Camera Operators
Some of the most talented located throughout the country
Make up and Hair
If you want to look your best our team can help
Maggie Ringrose
Chief Bone Officer - someone has to do it
careers in video production
How about you?
Come and join us, this is an exciting place to work - see our careers page
Getting a project done and done well
Translations Team
Our translators work in Spanish, Mandarin and several other languages
Sound Editors
Sound is vital and our team uses the latest equipment and post processing software

See Us in Action

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