Content Development

Where to Start

You can't have a video or animation without content. Developing content is often one of the hardest aspects of any video project. You need to know what it is you want to say and to whom you want to say it. This process seems easy, but when it comes to taking your 40-page training manual and boiling it down to a two-minute video, or explaining your 401 (k) in a slide deck, it can be a struggle.

Video Content Development

Proven Content Development Work-flow

This is where our content development services come in. We are great at identifying key communication points and learning objectives. We organize information to express even the most complex subjects in an easily understandable way.

Obviously, it is no good if we develop content in a vacuum, so we have created an information-gathering presentation, and iteration workflow that allows us to work with you to create scripts, storyboards, shotlists and more. We want you to clearly understand and approve what is is we are going to make for you. 

To storyboard or not to storyboard?


Storyboards are a great aid when producing videos that must be precise in length, yet include all the necessary information in an easily understood way, like a 30-second TV ad. There is a natural tendency to want to include more information and messages than will fit into the adverts timeframe. A storyboard provides an opportunity to both see that ahead of time and remove extraneous information before it's too late.

This also applies to any other video or animation. It's much better to get feedback from all involved parties, and to ensure that the script and images meet expectations, before production begins. 

The Five Key Qualities of a Top Video Production Company

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