Video Production Process

What's Important?

Video production has become an important part of almost every training or marketing project. In many ways, the quality of the video on your website or in your Learning Management System (LMS) is a representation of your brand, and as such needs to be of a high standard. Viewers judge your organization by the quality of what they see.

Video Production

Real Cool Production's Approach

Over the course of the last six years our company has produced well over 4000 video productions These have ranged from long-form, high-end narrative style pieces to 30-second biographies, and everything in-between.  This variety has allowed us to develop a well tested workflow that delivers the highest quality projects on time and on budget.


Your Involvement

We want your experience with us to be as effective and enjoyable for you as possible. Not everyone has had the opportunity to work on this kind of project  before, so we make sure you understand what's going on and are kept up-to-date and engaged as your production progresses.

Kick-off Meeting

Our first step is to meet with you and your team so you can get to know who will be working on your project, and to jointly develop a timeline for its completion. We discuss your communications objectives, how you imagine presenting your content, and whether we need a storyboard, as well as more practical items such as dates for filming, deciding who will be interviewed, or whatever your particular project involves.

Content Development

After our kick-off meeting, we start to develop content. Sometimes you already have an outline or script, or you may only have a rough concept of what you're looking for. We use this time to develop a story arc and outline, and eventually create either a storyboard or treatment for your video. If interviews are involved, we work with you to create questions that will generate the required focus.

Filming or Animation Production

This is where we get down to the real work.  We carefully plan our shooting events to make sure we have the right location, right people, and right equipment to successfully capture the footage we need.  In a sense, this is the raw ingredients from which your video will be made. We focus on achieving full coverage of the subject so we don't need to go back to refilm something that was missed. 


Now the editing begins. Our editors take the footage and other elements and use the storyboard or story arc to begin to building a rough outline of the video.  Editing is an intensive process with many complex technical aspects, including coloring, sound engineering, editing, graphics manipulation and adding motion graphics.  Project management ensures we adhere to timelines, and our QA department focuses on guaranteeing the quality and correctness of the information we're using.


Real Cool Productions has developed an online editing and review system that allows you to view and comment on your rough cut in a browser from any location. Your comments are automatically passed to your editor.

Once you and your team have had a chance to give us feedback, we continue to refine the production over the course of three or more iterations.


There's not much point in making a video or animation unless you can fully exploit it in whatever mediums are appropriate. Once the production is finalized, we create a  downloadable deliverable containing a variety of different specifications of output for your use. In the event you require something special, we add it to our standard delivery.

"It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings"

We live in a fast-moving world, and things change all the time. We make sure we are able to make any needed adjustments to your video or animation. To do this, we keep your production live in our system for one year. This allows us to easily make small edits or updates should you need them. After that, we archive the project, retaining it for later modification if you so choose.

The Five Key Qualities of a Top Video Production Company

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