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Training Video Production Company
Training Content 
From initial content design, to loading it into your LMS, we have completed 1,000s of successful animated video and video training projects.
Animation Production Company
Animation Production
Animations are the new standard for explaining products and services, and connecting with mobile-based viewers.
Video Production Company
Video Production
High-end productions that were once only possible in Hollywood can now be part of your training or marketing projects.
Content Development
Content Development
Great animation and video productions begin with content development, story boards, scripts, and shot lists.
Win Big at Employee Training - practical advice and approaches
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Who We Are

Real Cool Productions is a New England-headquartered, full-service digital communications and production company with an international client base and offices in Mansfield MA and Tampa FL.

We create content for training, marketing and communication initiatives by producing a broad range of corporate videos and animations.

Founded in 2006, we have made well over 4,000 high-quality productions and worked with corporations, non-profits, and government departments in the US, Europe, Canada and the Far East.

Our clients include Dunkin Brands, New Balance, TJX, Fidelity, Credit Suisse, Staples, State Organizations and many others.

Real Cool Productions is very proud of the client experience we aim to provide every client. To make sure it happens we adhere to a client charter for all our project. You can read the charter here.

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